How Pounce Marketing helped Skyzer redesign their brand without losing customer trust and recognition.

When Skyzer Technologies separated from their New Zealand business of the same name, they wanted to differentiate themselves with a new brand and logo design. Partnering with Pounce, Skyzer Technologies Australia were able to utilise our full-service marketing agency capability to refresh their brand design and visual identity, while maintaining their brand name and associated trust and recognition.


Skyzer Technologies Australia helps customers save money through smart product support solutions. From flexible product assembly, firmware loading, repair and refurbishment, to logistics services for enterprise to local level, they deliver solutions at any scale.


When Skyzer Technologies Australia separated from their NZ business, they needed to differentiate their separate business, but could not risk changing their business name and lose their brand trust and recognition.  That’s when they looked for support from a full-service agency that could provide the right mix of skills and expertise to achieve their goal.

That agency was Pounce.

Pounce Approach

Kicking with a rapid discovery session, we gained invaluable insights into the underlying challenges at hand, preserving customer brand loyalty and trust by retaining the business name, establishing a website as an authoritative source for customers to explore the business and its range of services and Infusing a contemporary and cutting-edge essence into the new digital and brand assets.

Our foremost objective was to craft a compelling digital identity. The website design cleverly integrated the Skyzer name to maintain customer recognition while emphasising the company's enhanced capabilities and a distinctly separate identity.

Our strategic approach revolved around providing customers with a seamless and engaging experience. We understood that cluttered web design would impede Skyzer's online audience growth. Hence, our focus shifted towards transforming the website from its stagnant and conventional format into a captivating and modern visual experience.

With meticulous attention to detail, the Pounce team astounded the client with their initial brochureware-style website designs. These designs stemmed from comprehensive research, deep-rooted user experience considerations, meticulous target audience analysis, and a strong emphasis on three key design attributes: Fresh, Modern, and Simple - as requested by Skyzer.

In parallel, we undertook significant efforts to enhance website functionality by addressing various issues, rectifying errors, and elevating overall page performance. This seamless integration of design and functionality ensured an optimal user experience, aligning with Skyzer's strategic goals.


Skyzer’s customers were able to enjoy an engaging, dynamic user experience. The final result for the business was a custom-built, responsive website on WordPress CMS utilising Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to construct the accompanying components.

- The site could be fully optimised to showcase Skyzer’s wide range of offerings and brand
- The functionality supported customer actions and provided a smooth user experience
- The design was visually engaging and easily navigable. It also boasted a super fast load time of two seconds

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