Peacock Retail

How MNR worked with Pounce to boost sales for their sub-brand Peacock Retail

MNR constructions have a talent for finding and taking up trend opportunities in an agile and impactful way. So when they wanted to launch a new product targeted at the pop-up hire industry, they wanted to work with a marketing agency that did more than deliver some taglines and roadmaps. They wanted a full-service agency that could deliver something great. That agency was Pounce.


MNR Constructions is an innovative and experienced team specialising in set building and creative construction. When they developed a new product Peacock Retail for the pop-up hire industry, they recognised the opportunity to not only embrace a fresh and innovative launch campaign, but also establish better SEO foundations to increase web traffic and drive growth. Reaching out to Pounce, they found the perfect partner for all their needs.


Peacock Retail would be a new offering from MNR as it allowed for Bundles and Mix-and-Match choices. However, they had no experience with bundling products nor marketing these types of offers. Added to this, MNR’s website needed a design refresh and their content required simplification.

Pounce Approach

Reviewing their needs, Pounce established the following actions:

  1. Align visual elements and storytelling with branding while improving user navigation

  2. Implement a fully responsive solution on WordPress CMS

  3. Establish SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic and drive future growth

In order to deliver a superior technical solution and improved customer experience, we had to overcome a few challenging hurdles including: 

  • Designing for different shopping cart experiences. We were required to separate shopping cart experiences for bundle products and mix-and-match products as they required divergent 'add to cart' logic, branding, and shipping considerations. The resulting experiences would allow for a superior customer flow and accuracy across inventory management and shopping cart automation.

  • Bundle calculations, banding and shipping options. Products in the mix and match category presented a complex challenge as each product had its own price calculations, banding and shipping options. These options would change depending on the variation of products bundled together.

  • Simplifying inventory management. There were unnecessary layers of complexity in the inventory management system. Our solution was to redesign a streamlined, real-time solution to support the varied inventory availability.

  • Lack of content optimisation. This meant SEO was not delivering the results Peacock required. Our solution was to align the content story, branding, and keywords to ensure better SEO positioning and search results.

Overcoming each of these challenges required careful management, and considered strategic and tactical solutions to ensure a seamless shopping experience for users, and management and pricing for products. But we did it.

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The impact of the website redesign resulted in a marked increase in online sales revenue, and an improved customer experience. Needless to say, MNR were able to launch Peacock Retail successfully, and with a user experience that exceeded expectations.

“Pounce Marketing responsively and transparently handled and communicated the project, making the collaboration seamless. Moreover, they were committed, attentive, positive, and genuine”

Terry Roy, Director

Peacock Retail

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