How ipSCAPE doubled their conversion rates with Pounce

When Australian cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) call centre company ipSCAPE needed to clamp down on their website’s bounce and abandonment rate, they knew they needed more than SEO help. Visitors were abandoning searches due to poor site structure and content design. ipSCAPE wanted to partner with a marketing agency who could also deliver digital and design expertise. That agency was Pounce. And in the period from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, we increased ipSCAPE’s traffic by 23%, form submissions by 137% and conversion rates by 92%


ipSCAPE is an Australian cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) call centre company with government and enterprise clients. Therefore when they realised their website was losing more customers than they were converting, they looked for a full-service agency to not only help them with SEO, but also site redesign and structure. Pounce answered their call.


ipSCAPE’s priority was to improve their ranking and drive authentic leads. This meant Pounce’s first challenge centred on identifying the contributing factors to the loss of traffic, the failure of conversions and failure to rank well.

Pounce Approach

Kicking off with a discovery workshop to map out ipSCAPE’s goals, we proceeded with a prioritised roadmap to get them there.

SEO is a critical component for any business to succeed in today’s highly-connected, digital world. We worked with ipSCAPE to highlight areas for short-term and long-term improvements, starting with SEO.

SEO strategy implementation

Pounce helped ipSCAPE implement a robust SEO strategy to boost search ranking. To support this strategy and ensure it was implemented correctly required additional consideration: 

Optimise data, tagging and content

Pounce recognised multiple issues with data tagging, content structures and unoptimised content. Correcting these fed into the overall improvement of the site’s performance and ranking. 

Link diversification

For ipSCAPE’s SEO strategy to be successful, we needed to diversify their web and page links. The result of the diversification was increased site visibility and credibility, and an increase in targeted traffic to their pages. 

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