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How Fairfield West Plaza FWP transformed their customer experience with Pounce

Shopping centres are essential gathering spaces for people to shop, socialise and work. So when Fairfield West Plaza looked for a marketing agency in Sydney to help update their brand to attract a younger customer base in the lead up to 2023, Pounce answered their call.


As an established marketplace with over 20 retailers and businesses, Fairfield West Plaza has long been a central focus of their community. However, as the community demographic changed around them, FWP realised they needed to update their branding to appeal to their target customer group..

FWMP needed a significant brand revamp, they wanted a full-service agency with the local knowledge to address their challenges. Pounce was the answer. Our regional knowledge meant we were able to deliver fresh ideas, innovative concepts and a stunning new visual brand that intuitively attracted and engaged shoppers, workers and the community.


When Pounce sat down with FWMP stakeholders, we shared our initial understanding of the task, including challenges we had already identified:

  • Outdated visual design and tone lowered the appeal of the website. The dated look and feel aged the website beyond its target demographic, and therefore failed to attract

  • No attempt to connect with online audience. On the website, we noted little attempt to connect directly with customers online.

  • No clear brand guidelines for content. The lack of clear content guidelines meant the content appears disconnected from other messaging. Reviewing their social posts we noted the lack of consistency and frequency.



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Pounce Approach

Our first steps included undertaking the brand refresh and logo redesign.

In order to attract FWMP’s target demographic - young adolescents and younger families, our designers created impactful logo designs that were energetic, colourful, uncluttered, and easily identifiable. Elements that appeal to our target group.

Next we moved to the all important website refresh.  With our goals set at increasing website traffic and social engagement by 25% within the next 12 months, the redesign needed to offer a clean layout, simplified copy and engaging content. 

We also ensured FWMP had the flexibility to manage and update their website and content through a simple CMS.

To wrap all these elements into a powerful marketing presence, we completed FWMP’s marketing strategy to guide and align FWMP’s objectives..

The Marketing Strategy included:

  • Comprehensive competitor analysis 

  • Targeted customer personas

  • Audit of clients marketing environment 

  • Marketing content calendar with key topics and campaigns


We have witnessed the remarkable transformation between the old and new designs firsthand. As we unveil the refreshed FWP website and rebrand, we anticipate nothing short of extraordinary achievements. So watch this space!

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