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How Pounce helped City to Coast Day Tours get ahead of the competition

When pioneering business City to Coast Day Tours faced increasing competition from other boutique tour operators, they needed to differentiate their brand, fast. But where to start and what would a new visual identity require? They turned to Pounce for the answer.


City to Coast Day Tours (C2C) was established by partners Amity and Rebecca in 2018. Passionate travellers themselves, they saw an opportunity for a new business after meeting a lot of travellers who had visited the U.K but had rarely ventured beyond Central London. Committed to providing access to the abundance of rich cultural attractions beyond the city, they opened C2C.


As their success grew, so too did C2C’s market competition. And with more players in the field, C2C needed to find a way to differentiate themselves. So Amity and Rebecca reached out to a marketing agency in Sydney, Pounce, 16,983 km away.

Pounce Approach

The first order of business for Pounce was to undertake a competitor review. From there, we mapped similarities and unique offers, differentiators and opportunities.

What soon became clear was C2C’s unique value proposition was nested in the brand’s sense of adventure and playfulness. If we were to help them stand out in an increasingly crowded tour-market, C2C’s visual identity needed to reflect their personality: fun, independent, comforting and curious. The result was a new logo design: a pigeon. Why a pigeon? Understanding the traveller experience, where small comforts like shared experiences or images can be profoundly affecting, the pigeon delivers this emotional impact. It is a common sight in many global cities and towns, and as such, represents a familiar, comforting note of familiarity in a foreign place.

The birds are also curious and intelligent, and they live in every corner of C2Cs home city. They even use the underground to get around. And so it was this spirit of curiosity and adventure that resulted in the pigeon as C2C’s brand mascot. The pigeon was initially only applied to main logo design, but soon became so popular that it was utilised across all facets of the brand.


In a highly competitive marketplace, achieving a standout presence is no simple task. Our collaboration with C2C began by thoroughly comprehending their objectives and the competitive landscape. This informed the development of a strategic roadmap, as we unearthed untapped opportunities for C2C. Recognising the necessity for more than just a fleeting campaign, we aimed to establish an unparalleled connection between C2C and their customers, setting them apart from other brands in the market.

Establishing a strong relationship between travelers and travel providers is pivotal for success, given the substantial trust travelers place in service providers. With numerous variables that can disrupt services and potentially disappoint travelers, building trust with customers was of utmost importance for C2C. By fostering this trust, even in the face of unforeseen challenges, the brand would remain deeply connected to its community.

We delved into a deep understanding of the shared characteristics and needs of travelers and tourists, crafting a comprehensive understanding of the "traveler persona." Leveraging C2C's own attributes, such as a sense of adventure, playfulness, and their fun, independent, comforting, and curious personality, we amplified these traits within the brand. This approach ensured that C2C felt relatable, familiar, and like a kindred spirit to their target audience.

To enhance this relatability and evoke a sense of comfort, we incorporated a significant symbol of familiarity in the new logo design: a pigeon, an iconic sight in London. Why the bird? The choice extends beyond its association with London, resonating with common experiences found in various global cities and towns. By incorporating the pigeon, C2C's brand exudes a sense of familiarity and comfort in foreign places.

The pigeon was initially only applied to the main logo design, but soon became so popular that it was utilised across all facets of the brand.

“The whole team at Pounce have been amazing and have given us great direction and guidance.


We approached them with our thoughts and they made the idea come alive by rebranding our logo, which then became an amazing mascot and theme. They also designed a stylish website which works perfectly for what we need in our market.


The team have been professional, patient and understanding with us and made sure our needs were met with honesty and endeavour throughout the whole process.


Thank you for bringing our dream and business alive”

Rebecca & Amity

City to Coast

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