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Pounce is a unique hybrid of serious technical know-how and intuitive creativity. While others focus on delivering all the buzz-words that marketers use - we just love creating work that’s as effective as it is beautiful. 

We’re a team of heavyweight creatives, strategists, and marketing and technology peeps who work with you to capture the alchemy of your vision and fan that spark into a flame. 

We collaborate, guide, challenge, innovate and explore new  possibilities, and we provoke bold thinking to find unexpected opportunities.

Because our goal is helping you achieve something better than meh, cooler than good and bypassing impressive - we believe in making something GREAT.

When we started out in 2017, we wanted to be an agency that achieved awesome things for our clients. That takes the kernel of an idea as a springboard to think bigger, bolder and deliver badass results. 

As a result, our journey has taken us from Sydney to now expanding into the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve opened Pounce’s second headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so that no matter where our clients are, we are ready and excited to support you.

Meet Sim and Rakz

There’s something remarkable that happens when you achieve  balance between two opposing forces, but that’s where Pounce sits, thanks to our CEO Sim, and COO, Rakz

Together they harness the science of technology and the creativity of imagination, empowering our clients with a balanced perspective.

Sim Kaur

Founder and CEO

Sim is our (mostly) fearless leader - just don’t mention spiders. 

Opening Pounce’s doors in 2017, Sim has always had an uncanny knack for getting inside our client’s heads, nailing the brief, developing incredible work and driving growth through innate strategic thinking. 

Sure she’s a calculated risk-taker with unrivalled industry knowledge, but to us, she’s our favourite doughnut pusher and joke champion.

Rakz Mathur


Rakz is our virtuoso of technology and preeminent process optimiser. As Pounce’s COO he has expanded Pounce’s capabilities to the full-service marketing agency we are today.


Rakz is the brains and the brawn behind our deep technological expertise and experience in digital transformation. If you ever want to geek out about streamlining and scaling processes - he’s your man.

The Pounce rhythm

We’re comfortable challenging the status quo and getting our clients out of their comfort zone. Because that’s where we excel.  

We have our clients’ backs before, during and after the game. And when the final scores are in, we stand up proud, whether it’s cheers and beers, or back to the drawing board.

We’re agile but we’re also sure-footed like those alpine mountain goats who hang out on sheer cliff faces.  They know they’re solid, even if it freaks out others. 

But we’re not like the others - we traverse new territory like those cliffs. We find footholds in emerging technology and trends and we see the hidden paths where others can’t when we need to scale up or down.

When we fail, we fail forward, because we’re still learning and growing. And being daring, provocative and inventive is necessary if we’re going to continue to push the boundaries to find what’s next and to make GREAT happen.

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